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Advantages of NS810 Spectrophotometer

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3NH Instroduces advantages of NS810 Spectrophotometer.


NS810 spectrophotometer is independently developed by 3nh which is in accordance with CIE (International Commission on Illumination) and CNS (China National Standards). The instrument features with touch screen and large screen display. It is configured with high-end color quality management software. Meanwhile it has characters of stable performance, precise measurement and easy to use. The instrument is powered by Li-ion battery or DC power adapter.


NS810 spectrophotometer




1.     Touch screen, easy to operate.

2.     Large screen (3.5 inch), high resolution (320*480), full-view display with clear image.

3.     Aesthetic design perfectly combined with ergonomics structure.

4.     D/8 geometry optical structure, accord to CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN Standards.

5.     Two standard observer angles, multiple light sources modes, a variety of color systems.

6.     High hardware configuration with a number of innovative technologies.

7.     Oversized integrating sphere, more effective homogenization ray of lights and precise measurement.

8.     Visible spectrum 400~700nm reflectance curve.

9.     Input standard data manually, easy to operate.

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