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  • Apply for Maintenance Apply for Maintenance

    Apply for Maintenance Colorimeter MaintenanceOnce our instrument has quality problems, please return to our factor for maitenance, and we will return to you if it's ok.
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  • Service Network Service Network

    Service Network Manufacturer Service OutletsSHENZHEN THREENH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Address: 4/F, Building 8, Nangang Second Industry Zone, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.Service Hotline: 400-666-2522Email: inf…
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  • Download Download

    Download Free Download Category (Only for 3nh Instruments)1. Spectrophotometer Colorimeter PC Software Download:SQCX v1.7.1 English Version Downlad ( for YS6060, YS6010, YS3060,YS3020,YS3010)CQCS3 English Ver…
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  • Ask Questions Ask Questions

    Ask Questions
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  • After-Sale Service After-Sale Service

    After-Sale Service 3nh provides high-quality comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale service for customers.No matter what requirementscustomersneed, no matter what problemsand servicescustomersask,3nh customer service cen…
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    FAQ 1.WhenI received NH310/NH300 colorimeter and perform measurement, why the measured data is abnormal?Afterreceiving NH310/NH300, you have to perform white and black calibration manually when first star…
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  • Customized Service Customized Service

    Customized Service 3nh Colorimeter Function CustomizationColor Difference FormulaCMC(l:c)Color Difference Formula, can designate l:c coefficient.ISOColor Difference FormulaJPC79Color Difference FormulaCIE DE2000Color …
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