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How can a colorimeter do?

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How can a colorimeter do?
A colorimeter is a light-sensitive instrument that measures how much color is absorbed by an object or substance. It determines color based on the red, blue, and green components of light absorbed by the object or sample, much as the human eye does. When light passes through a medium, part of the light is absorbed, and as a result, there is a decrease in how much of the light reflected by the medium. A colorimeter measures that change so users can analyze the concentration of a particular substance in that medium. 
NS810 spectrophotometer
A colorimeter has three main parts: a light source, a cuvette that holds the sample solution and a photocell that detects the light transmitted through the solution. To produce colored light, the instrument may be equipped with either colored filters or specific LEDs. The light transmitted by the solution in the cuvette is detected by a photocell, producing a digital or analog signal that can be measured. Some colorimeters are portable and useful for on-site tests, while others are larger, bench-top instruments useful for laboratory testing.
NH310 colorimeter
A colorimeter can be used in a wide variety of industries and settings. Small, portable devices can be used to analyze the color contrast and brightness on a television or computer screen, allowing the user to then adjust the settings to obtain the best quality picture. In the printing industry, a colorimeter is a basic element in a color management system. Other printing industry applications include checking the electronic components and quality of pulp paper and measuring the quality of printing ink.
NR60CP colorimeter
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