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Many kinds of Colorimeter

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There are many kinds of colorimeter, such as spectrophotometer, color temperature meter, densitometer, spectroradiometer etc.

NR110 colorimeter

1.  Colorimeter
A colorimeter measures the color of L, A, B value and Delta E. 
L stands for white and black, 
A stands for red and green, 
B stands for blue and yellow.
2. Spectrophotometer
A spectrophotometer is a type of colorimeter to help to measure the color of L, A, B value and delta E. It is related to a colorimeter but may be used to scan across a spectrum of wavelengths. It also measures slightly different properties. A spectrophotometer usually measures transmittance (which is related to absorbance) or reflectance of solutions, transparent or opaque solids, such as polished glass, or gases. Hence a spectrophotometer is of broader application than a colorimeter. It can perform the same functions as a colorimeter, but it can also do more. 
3.  Densitometer
A densitometer is a type of colorimeter that helps control color by measuring the darkness and lightness of a printed material during the printing process. A densitometer evaluates color by placing a test strip or print control strip along the edge of a proof. 
4. Color Temperature Meter
Photographers and cinematographers opt for a color temperature meter, a type of colorimeter, to balance the color in photos and cinematograph's flash and continuous light.
5. Spectroradiometer
A spectroradiometer is a type of colorimeter that measures the intensity and irradiance of color.
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