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The YKK Group currently does business in 71 countries/regions worldwide based on a geographical management structure divided into six blocs - 1) North and Central America; 2) South America; 3) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); 4) China, 5) Asia, and 6) Japan. This regional approach enables us to adapt to the characteristics of each region to further expand our businesses.
Architectural products help create modern and diverse living spaces, and with changing societal and environmental demands, as well as broadening variations in urban and living spaces, these products must offer a wide range of materials, functions, and qualities. YKK Group develops products that consistently meet these needs, and manufactures a variety of product groups throughout Japan.
6-8/F,Building B33,Low-Carbon Headquarters Park,400 Xincheng Avenue,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou,P.R.China.
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