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Gardner Color Scale

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Gardner Index is a yellowness index, used to measure the shade of the color yellow.

Gardner Color Scale

The Gardner Index is a yellowness index. It was originally developed for color specification of resins. Initially, liquid standards of potassium dichromate, ferric chloride and cobaltous chloride, or potassium chloroplatinate were used. These solutions varied in stability and had a tendency to fade with time. Colorimetric values are now used to create glass standards as defined in ASTM Designation D1544, -Standard Test Method for Color of Transparent Liquids (Gardner Color Scale).


The Gardner Color Scale is a one-dimensional scale used to measure the shade of the color yellow. The Gardner scale and the APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color Scale overlap with the Gardner scale measuring higher concentrations of yellow color and the APHA scale measuring very low levels of yellow color.


Gardner Color can also be measured by a dual beam xenon flash spectrophotometer, for example 3nh YS6080 benchtop spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometers measure the percent transmittance of the product and automatically calculate and provide the Gardner color number using illuminant C and 2º observer.


Our 3nh spectrophotometer also can measure this Gardner index, but only our high end spectrophotometers have this function, like model YS6060YS6010, YS6080, YS6020, YS6002, YS6003 and color haze meter YH1810, YH1610, YH1600. Welcome to order more goods from 3nh, and email melorae


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