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ISO whiteness/ISO brightness,WI (Hunter),WI (CIE)

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ISO whiteness / ISO brightness, WI (Hunter) and WI (CIE)/WI (Ganz)

ISO whiteness / ISO brightness, WI (Hunter) and WI (CIE)/WI (Ganz)

Whiteness index is used for describing the whiteness degree of the material. The most commonly used whiteness indexes are ISO whiteness / ISO brightness, WI (Hunter) and WI (CIE)/WI (Ganz).


What is ISO whiteness / ISO Brightness?

ISO whiteness / ISO Brightness adopt single wavelength formula which means it adopts the reflectance value of single short wavelength band to represents the whiteness of material. It measures the short wavelength band’s blue diffuse reflection factor (R457). It is called ISO whiteness or ISO brightness.


What is Hunter Whiteness Index?

Hunter whiteness index adopts the concept of chromaticity is related to the whiteness. It calculates the whiteness value based on hunter lab color space so it is called Hunter Whiteness Index. When you want to measure WI(Hunter) you should choose hunter lab color space first then you will get this value in the instrument test result. 


What is CIE Whiteness Index / Ganz Whiteness?

It adopts CIE whiteness formula. Chromaticist Ganz proposed to add the weighting factor for whiteness measurement.It is called Ganz whiteness which is also named as CIE whiteness.


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