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SCI is (Specular Component Included)SCE is (Specular Component Excluded), and only NH310 colorimeter has both SCE and SCI modes.

Many customers will ask us what is SCI or SCE. Only NH310 colorimeter model has both SCI/SCE two modes, other modes only have one. 

SCI mode: NH310,NH300,NR200,NR110,NR60CP,NS810,NS820,

SCE mode: NH310,NR145,NR20XE,NS800,NS808,

The method of color measurement, which excludes the specular reflectance, is called SCE (Specular Component Excluded). If the specular reflectance is included in the color measurement, by completing the sphere with a specular plug, it is called SCI (Specular Component Included). 

In SCE mode, the specular reflectance is excluded from the measurement and only the diffuse reflectance is measured. This produces a color evaluation which correlates to the way the observer sees the color of an object.

When using the SCI mode, the specular reflectance is included with the diffuse reflectance during the measurement process. This type of color evaluation measures total appearance independent of surface conditions. 

These criteria must be thoroughly considered when an instrument is selected. Some instruments can measure both SCE and SCI simultaneously. 


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