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How important a colorimeter is

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How important a colorimeter is
The use and importance of colorimeter has grown in unison with the increase of global manufacturing and processing. When plastic automotive trim produced on one continent, for example, must match a painted metal finish applied on another, an objective and precise description of color becomes an absolute necessity. 

Unfortunately, human color perception varies widely and is affected by illumination, sample size, surrounding color and the angle of observation. Colorimetric instruments provide a set of standardized conditions that help assure consistency and repeatability. 

After years of intensice research, 3nh has launched NS series spectrophotometer and NH, NR series colorimeter, ISO12233 resolution test chart, optical image test solution and specific standard illuminant which are widely used in plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic, optical image test industries and  the field of scientific research, school and laboratory. At present, 3nh has many distributors all over the world, and they successfully sell their colorimeter to many kinds of industries. 
NS810 spectrophotometer
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