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NS810 / NS800 Spectrophotometer Color Applications

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NS810 / NS800 Spectrophotometer Color Applications

Color Applications

Many options within the product family give operations of all sizes the ability to build in a stable color measurement system that delivers repeatable performance and increased product yield. This makes the SP Series spectrophotometer a reliable solution for a wide range of industries and applications:
Commercial Coatings. The need to meet specific color codes and regulations requires repeatable color measurement. NS810 / NS800 spectrophotometer provides the consistency demanded to ensure batch-to-batch color conformity.
Plastics. Batch consistency—from raw material through finished product—often varies depending on material supplier and process conditions. NS810 / NS800 spectrophotometer can monitor the color impact of shifts in process variables, while SQC8 software storing color data that can be shared among the supply network to ensure color accuracy.
Automotive. Whether OEM interior, aftermarket parts, or second- and third-tier supplier components, color accuracy is an absolute must. NS810 / NS800 spectrophotometer allows manufacturers at every level to achieve consistent readings. The ability to simultaneously measure SCI/SCE further enhances the quality control process.
Textiles. While materials and fabrics may appear similar at first glance, those that contain optical brightening agents (OBA) may result in a much different look under varied lighting conditions. 
Home Furnishings. Different materials—wood, paint, plastic, metal, fabric—and a wide variety of colors, make repeatable color conformance critical. NS810 / NS800 spectrophotometer is able to read a wide range of materials and provide a benchmark measurement that can be used at each step of the production or assembly process.
NS810/NS800 spectrophotometer color applications
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