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How much is a spectrophotometer

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3nh can offer the cost-effective portable color spectrophotometer with model NS810, NS800 and compare to Minolta CM-2300D, X-rite CI6x, BYK6801 etc spectrophotometer.

How much is a spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometers are color measurement devices used to capture and evaluate color. As part of a color control program, brand owners and designers use them to specify and communicate color, and manufacturers use them to monitor color accuracy throughout production. Spectrophotometers can measure just about anything, including liquids, plastics, paper, metal and fabrics, and help ensure that color remains consistent from conception to delivery.

How much is a spectrophotometer? Most customers asked me this question and it is the key factor to make a decision to order or not.

Of course, price is very different if you choose different brand, like iphone 6s, or plus. If you want 日本, or X-rite or Byk brands, the cheapest model is over 2000 usd dollar, like CR-10 plus, but its function is very few. In addition, it is colorimeter, not spectrophotometer.

For portable spectrophotometer, 日本 is over 4000 usd dollar, while X-rite is over 5000 usd dollar. But if you choose our 3nh brand, our NS810 spectrophotometer and NS800 spectrophotometer are less than 3000 usd dollar. Then you might doubt how it performs. Is it accuracy and stable?

NS810 portable spectrophotometer

It can compare with CM-2300D/CM2500D portable spectrophotometer , byk 6801 color spectrophotometer, CI6X series spectrophotometer, and many customers have do these tests.

Our company main target is to make the best spectrophotometer with good price, and try our best to solve customers' problems.

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