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Why NR110 colorimeter color comparisons vary a lot

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Why did 3nh nr110 colorimeter measurement change a lot for indoor and outdoor for color sheet temples?
Why did NR110 colorimeter color comparisons chang a lot indoor and outdoor?

Because the customer Make color comparisons. The customer said that the device changed very high.The model used to measure is the model NR110 colorimeter. Indoor temple customer Same color sheet And outdoor temples.Without moving any position Sample image Error to 5-30 Delta E. Customers say the device is not good. I am very stressed and worried. 


Because the corresponding wavelength range of 3nh NR110 colorimeter detectors is very wide, ranging from 360 to 1300 nm, while the light source wavelength range of the instrument is 400 to 700 nm, and there are filters in front of the detector. The filtering range of the filters is only 400 to 700 nm. If there is additional light source interference and the wavelength range is 700 to 1300 nm or 360 to 400 nm, the instrument can not identify these interference, so it will be big deviations.

Processing method: Measure in the office environment or laboratory environment. The wavelength range of office lighting environment is generally within 400-700 nm. If we can test in darkroom environment, the effect will be better.

If it is necessary to test outdoors, black-and-white board calibration should be done in the same outdoor environment to keep the environmental noise and temperature consistent, so that the error can be minimized.

The test environment is very important: to ensure two points, calibration and test sample temperature and background light as consistent as possible.

If the data of indoor test is to be compared with that of outdoor test, it is better to do black-and-white correction againfor NR110 colorimeter during outdoor test, and then transfer the data of indoor test as standard sample.

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