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How to use YS3010 spectrophotometer on youtube

Hits:         Date:2018-05-15
3nh teach you how to use YS3010 spectrophotometer model and upload a video on youtube. Welcome old and new customers to read there.

How to use YS3010 spectrophotometer on youtube

Today 3nh will tell you how to use 3nh YS3010 spectrophotometer and we upload a video on youtube. It is touch screen and easy to use like a phone. From the menu, we will get all information that we can set, and choose the color space according to our requirement. Its good repeatability and stable makes the color difference test result close to Japan brand Minolta CM2600D and America brand Xrite CI60 spectrophotometer. Welcome to know more from us.


3nh YS3010 spectrophotometer can easily achieve color transferring, and be used as a precision instrument for color matching system. It's widely used in plastics, electronics, painting, ink, textile and garment, printing and dyeing, printing paper, automotive, medical, cosmetics and food industries, scientific research institutes, schools and laboratories.

Here it is the link on youtube:

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