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Does Milk need color measurement spectrophotometer

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3nh teached us how to use model YS3010 spectrophotometer to measure milk color test. Milk powder spectrophotometer always needs accessory universal test components for measurement.

Does Milk need color measurement spectrophotometer for test?


Maybe people will wonder why milk needs to measure color. 


Different cows produce different milk and color might be different, and another reason maybe it changes color once it goes bad. 


Some milk are not produced by cows and it is milk powder. It always needs color measurement to produce large amount of milk powder. 


So that is what our model YS3010 spectrophotometer with universal test components do. 


Here are some images for milk powder spectrophotometer with universal test components. 


milk color test spectrophotometermilk spectrophotometermilk color measurement spectrophotometermilk powder spectrophotometer


If you are unsure which instrument type is right for your samples, please call or email 3nh technical support (Melorae Huang and we will be happy to assist you in making the proper instrument selection.

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