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How to use YS3010 to measure tomato paste color

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3nh introduce how to use YS3010 spectrophotometer to measure tomato paste color difference.

How to use YS3010 spectrophotometer to measure tomato paste color difference


Tomatoes are bred and selected for traits important to their specialized growing, harvesting, processing and consumption requirements, which also dictate their flavors, textures and other characteristics. Color, an important measurement parameter in tomato products, is closely related to quality and taste.

Tomato products, regardless of how they are prepared, should always maintain the familiar base colour of red. If the topic is ketchup, purée, pasta sauces or soup, red is generally the main identifying colour of the tomato ingredient.

So in the tomato paste factory, they always needs a color spectrophotometer to do color quality control for them. They need to check its color on every production step and control all colors before selling. 

For tomato paste color check it is good to use model YS3010 spectrophotometer with UTC universal test components. 

First, take some tomato paste into this cell. 

tomato paste spectrophotometer

Second, put the cell in the accessory UTC, and before that, install the YS3010 spectrophotometer. 

tomato paste spectrophotometer

Then we can start to measure the color and compare to the other cell for samples. 

With an instrument, such as the model YS3010 Tomato Paste Spectrophotometer, the tomato at any point of the manufacturing process, be it the fresh tomato or tomato paste, can be measured. Model YS3010 tomato paste spectrophotometer is equipped with color space CIE LAB CH, as well as the Hunter L, a, b and the CIE L*, a*, b* colour scales, meaning it is brilliant as taking measurements of not only tomato products, but also any other ingredient that may require analysis.

tomato paste spectrophotometer

Despite appearing complicated and time consuming for production line, including colour measurement as part of the quality control process can be easy and extremely worthwhile. When combining an extremely versatile colour measurement spectrophotometer with a perfected procedure for appearance analysis, there is no such thing as poor customer satisfaction.

If you are unsure which instrument type is right for your samples, please call or email 3nh technical support (Melorae Huang and we will be happy to assist you in making the proper instrument selection.

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